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Christopher Grasso, proudly presents four basic elements diners agree they enjoy most at their favorite restaurants: inviting ambience, flavorful dishes, appealing presentation, and attentive service. L'Oceano Ristorante brings together these elements and more to delight you with an exceptional dining experience.

L'Oceano Ristorante, a BYO located in the heart of Collingwood, NJ, offers fine diners an interesting selection of fresh daily and deliciously prepared seafood in a comfortable, intimate setting.

Special Menus:
Four Course Tasting Menu Traditional Crab Gravy Sunday Dinner

L'Oceano Seared Tuna Recipe

What a nice, cozy atmosphere for the town’s only seafood restaurant. And the food is so beautifully presented and delectable. The Seared Tuna was a huge crowd pleaser at our table, and the room was intimate enough so that we could see that our fellow diners were as pleased as we were with their meals...
Michelle A.